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We are a studio that specializes in industrial and intellectual property and that, for almost sixty years, develops activities linked to the protection of trademarks, invention patents, utility models, and industrial models and designs. We also have under our custody the DOMAIN names of the majority of our clients.




Our objetive

Our objective is aimed at consolidating the services we offer to people and companies that have placed their trust in us to preserve their rights over intangible assets (so call the brands, invention patents, utility models and models and industrial designs)

Our Services

The society of today is in permanent contact with the world of brands. When choosing a product or a service to acquire or contract-a garment, an over-the-counter medication, shoes, cigarettes, beers, a restaurant or a medical service-the first thing that is perceived, especially due to the influence of campaigns advertising, is the brand.

What is a brand?

It is all name, denomination, drawing, figure, etc. that possesses, as they say, distinctive capacity, which allows to differentiate a product or a service from another.

What is it for?

The brand plays an important role in the field of competition.

The quality of the products or services will be known to the public through their identification with the brand that designates them.

Hence, in many cases, the value of "the brand" is greater than that represented by other assets that the company may own.

Processing times.

When an application is submitted, 60 days are awaited to see the result of the FORM STUDY. Then it should be considered that from the date of application, approximately, at 90 to 120 days the publication will be specified in the Trademark Bulletin; then you must wait 30 days to know if the order received oppositions from third parties. In the case of not receiving oppositions, you must wait 6 to 9 more months to see the result of the FUND STUDY, so that the Analysis Department is issued with respect to possible background and / or objections considering that the brand could violate some of the the articles established by the Law. If no objections are found at this stage, the request will be sent for granting and eventual delivery via e-mail of the Registration Title.

Processing time: 14-15 months in total in case you do not have problems.

The protection of new technical developments of products and industrial procedures through Invention Patents was enshrined in Argentina by Law 111, our first Patent Law, sanctioned on October 11, 1864. Subsequently, in 1995, replacing the previous one Law No. 24,481 on Patents and Utility Models was promulgated, the last modification of which was Law 25859 of December 4, 2003, which incorporates the Utility Model as a new alternative for the protection of products in our country.

Our studio offers its professional services in all areas of technology for the protection of new products and procedures in the field of industrial property, advising inventors on the patentability of their technological developments and conducting the preparation, presentation and processing of applications of invention patents and utility models, both in Argentina and in other countries. We work from verbal information, diagrams, graphs, prototypes and explanatory summaries where the nature and purpose of the products and industrial procedures that we wish to protect are exposed in a clear and synthetic way. In all cases, we act to prepare all the documentation to be presented to the competent authorities, complying with the formalities and requirements required by current law, so that the core of the invention appears perfectly defined and the protection obtained reflects broadly. the scope of the invention.

The current legislation - Decree Law 6673/63 ratified by Law 16478 - establishes that, unlike patents for invention and utility models, industrial models and designs allow to exclusively protect the incorporated forms or aesthetic details applied to a product. industrial that confer a novel ornamental character.

Law 22426/81, as amended by Decree 1853/93, includes legal acts for consideration that have as their main or accessory purpose the transfer, transfer or license of technology or trademarks by persons domiciled abroad, in favor of natural persons or legal, public or private, domiciled in the country, provided that such acts have effects in the Argentine Republic.

At ROJAS & ROJAS we provide legal support and advice on regulatory aspects for the granting of franchises. We prepare draft contracts of that nature until we reach the final draft agreed with those who have requested our intervention and we analyze franchise or license agreements that customers are interested in acquiring.

Our professional team provides legal advice on corporate mergers, registration and registration of companies. He is qualified to intervene in company reorganization processes as well as in the resolution of conflicts.

We provide a comprehensive service for companies and individuals regarding the rights defined by Law 11723 on Intellectual Property that protects works of artistic and literary creation.

This law clearly establishes the scope of intellectual rights and what are the differences with industrial property rights, enshrined by Law 25859 of Invention Patents and Utility Models, by Law 22362 of Trademarks and by Decree Law 6673 of Models and industrial designs.

We advise on the negotiation of contracts, licenses and other intellectual property rights, as well as in cases of infringement, misuse of works and plagiarism.

A domain is a kind of brand whose massive use has been imposed by the advance of the Internet. The need to have domains that identify the websites has led to the creation of a spurious and indiscriminate business of names, trademarks or trademarks that are registered as domain names, with the consequent appropriation of the rights of use.

In these cases, our Law and NIC ARGENTINA, have been issued in favor of the creator of the name and / or denomination that could have been registered for speculative purposes and to the detriment of its true creator.

For our part, we provide advice related to the search, registration, maintenance and defense of domain names in Argentina and abroad, in accordance with the rules and procedures in force.

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